Charalambides – “True Love”


Despite longstanding solo careers and consistent collaboration, Tom and Christina Carter keep the Charalambides ship afloat and consistently moored in a precarious haze. In anticipation for their upcoming eponymous LP, their first since 2011, the pair releases the stark, haunted “True Love” With guitars ringing into the night air beneath her, occasionally crumbling under the atmosphere, Christina moves from whispers to wails, lost and lonely in the duo’s misted harbor. While the song may title like a love story, the delivery is more heartache than heartthrob over the track’s ten minutes.

The pair still have the power to captivate with minimal means. Their stripped setup has never won a loudness war, but there are some sounds that can’t be denied. Heading past their second decade, the band proves that slow and spectral wins out in the end.

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