Buffet Lunch – “Red Apple Happiness”


The always consistent Upset The Rhythm offers up their first for 2021 and its a delightfully askew bit of pop skronk from Scotland’s Buffet Lunch. The song teeters constantly on the edge of stumbling, pairing its plonking keys and haphazard guitars with a bulbous sax that bullies the track with a pompousness that’s both soothing and sordid. The players are pulled from some post-punk and UK/Kiwi pop highlights (Mazes, Jack Lee Band) and the loose flow and free form pop feel of some of their past outposts certainly bleeds into the work under the Buffet Lunch header. The band holed up early on in lockdown and let the album flow out and, despite the tension of the times, The Power of Rocks has a real calm center that’s on display in “Red Apple Happiness.” The record arrives this spring (May 7th) on the aforementioned UTR and feel free to wade into the surreal surrender of the accompanying video.

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