Belief Defect


Sometimes you gotta embrace the dark. That’s the beauty in Belief Defect’s debut LP, Decadent Yet Depraved – its a bottom scraping, fear-chomping ride through the bowels of industrial darkness that embraces, not deflects the most horrific impulses of human existence. The album is purportedly backed by two larger names in electronic music, though they choose to remain redacted with regards to Belief Defect’s origin story. However, anonymity doesn’t mar or mangle the effect that the resulting ten tracks have on the human psyche. This is a listen with the lights on LP that’s cinematic in a vein that some of the best synth slingers are still striving for. Put it this way, if Belief Defect were soundtracking Stranger Things rather than S U R V I V E, those kids would have all been eaten a long time ago.

Still, for all its bracing tendencies, Decadent… is a hypnotic listen, embracing dub caverns like a second home and skittering beats like ball bearings along the eardrums. Whoever is behind this is, in fact, well trained and up to the task at hand. The beats crunch with a bone snap that’s been scant since Ol’ Trenty Rez went high ground and started soundtracking Burns docs and Oscar flicks. The core scent of Belief Defect is wounded blood on the horizon with dawn breaking hours away. There’s panic and a icy grip that’s not far off from tidal breath catching up to overrun your fight or flight mechanisms. Be warned, this on is not for those whose teeth are not sharpened.

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