Almond Joy – “Candy”


A verdant waft of cool breeze comes streaming off of this new EP out of the West Coast. Featuring members of Rays, Cool Ghouls, Galore, and The World, Almond Joy blends some San Francisco garage shake with a ‘60s psych-pop glow and indie pop innocence. The title track mixes organ stabs and jangled jolts with a crunchy send off that amps up the fuzz. The band lets themselves get lost in the looking glass gloss of psych-pop gone girl group more often than not, letting their melodies quiver and warp in the sun ever so slightly. Quite a bit of the songs on this EP feel like sticky, melted memories that can’t quite take shape as the listener peers back through the obfuscation of the past. It’s an excellent first offering that begs for some more from a band tapping into the Paisley joy of a rapidly eroding SF core. The EP was picked up by the folks over at K Records. Out this Friday.

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