Alan Price – Savaloy Dip


Alan Price is probably best known Stateside for being the keyboardist for The Animals, but like many members of that vaunted band, he had a long career outside of its bounds as well. Following on from a well received film soundtrack for the Malcolm McDowell comedy O Lucky Man! he prepared a follow-up solo album, Savaloy Dip. The album was built on a similar frame of R&B as the soundtrack and runs in the same vein as contemporaries Van Morrison, Randy Newman and later era Kinks with a quaint eye on small town everymen. Now the album may not be, as Omnivore proclaims, a masterpiece, but its a well rounded pop album and the fate that befell it was seemingly unfair.

Warner Bros. deemed the album unfit for release, and though it was scheduled and even produced in some quantities, it was axed last minute. Price would salvage a track from the album, “Between Today And Yesterday,” to appear on his album of the same name; an album that ostensibly replaced Savaloy Dip. The record built up a bit of a reputation in collector’s circles for having leaked (in the 70’s fashion) when Ampex’s 8-Track plant pressed and shipped a few copies of it to stores, only to recall them as quickly as possible. But some of those copies did make it out to the public and thus its legend grew. The record has a lot of bright spots and for fans of the white boy Soul ‘n B and salt of the earth singer-songwriter moves from the 70’s this one has a lot to offer, so thankfully this is back in print in its entirety for, if not really a demanding public, at least a deserving one.

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