So, Ads?

As someone who has had to put together an unwieldy label ad budget, I know that most banner options are not worth the money allocated towards them. With that in mind, RSTB now offers ads to labels, stores, or turntable companies for low-cost monthly placements. Write to info(at) for information on $100 and $120 banner options.

You’ve never had ads in the past. Doesn’t the placement of advertisements on RSTB raise questions of monetary influence over the content?

Its a good question, and one I’ve thought about for years and its mostly why I’ve always maintained the site ad-free. To this I’ll say: 1) the site now has 10 years under its belt covering the kinds of records I cover. If I don’t like it, its not gonna appear here. No amount of money will change that. 2) The site’s been a labor of love for 10 years, and in that time I’ve always just covered hosting and any other costs out-of-pocket. It would be nice to have some assistance with that expense while also, as I’ve mentioned, giving labels a place that has low-cost ads.