The Moving Pictures – “Black Car”

Olympia’s Moving Pictues cull together some luminaries of the Northwest scene; Hayes Waring of Perennial Records, Lillian Maring (Grass Widow), and Charles Waring (Milk Music). Their recently released album on Perennial jumps styles from Wire-taut punk, to sparse experimental pop and chugging electro hobble. On the album standout, “Black Car” Maring takes the the wheel over a propulsive beat and midnight streaks of guitar. Its a dour anthem, but one that’s streaked with a pre-dawn coolness that can’t be shaken. The track’s infectious slink drops out just a bit too soon, with the band pulling it out from underneath the listener just when it seems to get pulsing. The accompanying video is appropriately off-putting and and queasy. This one seems to have been a bit slept on last year. No time like the present to get acquainted.

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