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Mod Con – “Kidney Auction Blues”

Seriously, this new Split Singles Club run from Posion City and Our Golden Friend is putting up some killer tunes for 2018. The second split in the set sidles alongside the first as a vital blast of female fronted Aussie rock. This time the split features RSTB faves RVG, whose LP from last year ended up on the year-end list. On the flip Mod Con tears it down with a track that’s barbed and wiry with some jagged and juiced guitar work that heats up the needle on any hi-fi. Check the video wherein the band tear both the track and some faux kidneys apart – gross n’ great all at the same time.

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Moody Beaches – “Guns”

Following up on last year’s installment of the Split Singles club, started last year as a collab between Milk! Records and Bedroom Sucks, the new incarnation sees Poison City Records and Our Golden Friend take up the selector’s duties this year. The open the club up with a split from Bench Press and Moody Beaches. The single comes complete with a pair of videos that see each band work the same color blocked concept with guest spots in each other’s vids. The Bench Press side gives its all, but the winner here is Moody Beaches, a new ‘un that’s making is debut here. The band features members of La Bastard, but eschews their surf sound for a more stripped down post-punk punch. The single is strung up on nimble yet fuzz-rattled bass but shines brilliantly once the infectious shout-along vocals of Anna Lienhop surface along with some chopsaw guitar bliss. Gonna want to hear more from this trio for sure, but this should hold me over for quite a few repeated plays.

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