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RVG – “Eggshell World”

If you missed out on the excellent debut from the Romy Vager Group (more commonly RVG) last year, then there’s still time to catch up. Apparently, the Aussies tore up SXSW, so hopes are on that at least a few ears were perked. On the eve of their entry to the Split Singles Series mentioned yesterday they release a great video not for the new track (sadly) but for standout LP track “Eggshell World.” The accompanying video is just Vager alone, clad in a silver dress in the darkness – it’s a great compliment to the track’s sweeping emotional pull. Vager is doing her best to channel the demons left to wander in the wake of Echo and The Bunnymen, The Church and Love & Rockets. For those missing the mascara stain of tears along with your pop, meet your new favorites.

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RSTB Best of 2017

So this year is drawing to a close, or almost, we’re still a few weeks away from pushing the broken pieces of 2017 into the trash. There’s no real solace from a lot of the events that took place this year, but, independent of any current events, music has been kind to us all this year. These are the records that spent the most time on the turntable over here. Yeah, I know its kind of a lot, but there were far too many good ones that haven’t been getting the shouts they need elsewhere. Lets say this serves as both a best of and a most overlooked in one go. If you enjoy ’em, buy ’em if you can. Don’t do them the disservice of just bumping up the streaming numbers.

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