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Wayfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares

Numero never really duffs an opportunity and so it comes to pass that the archival label’s dive into the thicker, fuzzier and less comforting half of acid rock scores some solid one-offs from the gilded age of Hippiedom. Scooping up bands that seem to have gotten into more than a few bad batches and spent the evening flipping between Growers of Mushroom and Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come until inspiration struck. Run the whole thing through a tetanus shot level of fuzz and grime and you’ve pretty much got me on the line.

The most impressive aspect has to be that with a mounting glut of psych comps out there this could easily rehash a host of fun freakers with extra mileage in their “nugget” credentials. Instead, as comes expected from Numero’s obsessive-compulsive tape bin dumpster diving and ability to stick to themes, they nail the bummer psych vibe and stuff the package with a smattering of new names. Not missing a beat, the collection is wrapped in a black light poster of a cover that’s ripping on the bummer psych vibes in glowing technicolor. There are no sunshine hits here, but for those looking to run the dial on exhaust fume downer psychedelics – welcome home.

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RSTB Best Reissues of 2016

If you’re familiar with Raven Sings the Blues, then you know that reissues and digging through the past play an important role in coverage on the site. Aside from the stellar new releases out this year, several companies stepped up to deliver reissues of essential material that could very well have been lost to time. This is a weird time in the life of a reissue label, a time where major labels are cranking out as much vinyl fodder as possible, with less than a fraction of it being records that couldn’t just be picked up in a $5 bin in decent condition. These are some of the reissues that I thought were deserving of accolades this year.

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