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James Jackson Toth on Japan – Tin Drum

The latest installment of Hidden Gems comes from a longtime RSTB favorite. I think it’s fair to say that without Wooden Wand, Raven wouldn’t have shaped up the way it did in those early years. When I happened on a great set by James, billed to open for Jack Rose in a cramped bar in Greenpoint back in 2005, Harem of the Sundrum and the Witness Figg quickly became a fixture on the turntable and a desire to spread some of the WW gospel was born. Below Toth shares a record that’s made an impact in his own life and how it crept in and took hold.

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Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – “Nebulous Hyper Meditation”

Why is it I’m somehow both surprised and not surprised that there’s never any clatter about a new AMT on the horizon? The long running (21 years!) Japanese psych lords are reaching a new chapter with the exit of longtime rhythm unit Shimura Koji and Tsuyama Atsushi, and with the addition of some youngblood players, Makoto Kawabata seems to be invigorated on this latest cut. It creeps in on sweeping synths, swirling and illusory as quasars, while Kawabata locks in his guitar to euphoric bliss. It seems that we’re never too far from one Acid Mother’s release or another, but that’s no reason to go taking ozone burners like this for granted. Someday there won’t be any more Acid Mother’s Temple, and on that day I assume there will be a collective funeral from the heads of the world, the band lifted off in a Sky Burial/Viking Funeral type situation that turns supernova overhead. But for now, cherish the gifts that come down the mountain.

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P.S.F. – Black Editions

News came down today that the vaunted P.S.F. catalog is getting a new home and some proper reissues. Anyone familiar with the Japanese psych/noise/experimental scene should be familiar with P.S.F.’s long shadow but for the uninitiated, the label was started by Hideo Ikeezumi in the ’80s in order to document music that he found interesting. Matters of genre weren’t necessarily important as long as the music was original and moving, and nothing more could ever be said of entrants into the label’s catalog.

The label’s dense catalog has been purchased by L.A. based Black Editions, run by Peter Kolovos. Along with the announcement comes news of the first batch of reissues for 2016: “definitive editions of Fushitsusha’s 2nd Live, the original version of High Rise II, the Tokyo Flashback compilation, Che Shizu’s A Journey and through special arrangement with the artist- Keiji Haino’s classic 1981 debut Watashi Dake?.” That High Rise album alone is worth the price of admission but for perspective other gems in the label’s catalog include White Heaven’s – Out, Acid Mothers’s Temple – S/T album and Mainliner’s – Imaginative Plain. Its the first time many of these will be available on vinyl and for many the first time outside of Japan at all. This comes as pretty exciting news, no doubt, to psych freaks everywhere.

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