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Jim Jupp on Caravan – The Land of Grey and Pink

One of the more consistent labels that’s popped up around RSTB over the years has been UK house Ghost Box. The label’s approach to gorgeously layered psychedelic electronic combined with a design sense driven by the legendary Julian House makes each new entry an essential piece of a larger puzzle. The label is headed by Jim Jupp, but he’s not only the driving force behind the label, he’s also one of their stable of artists. Combining a whimsical nostalgia with deep synth atmospherics, he crops up in the guise of The Belbury Poly and The Belbury Circle. Jim’s definitely the kind of deep shelf record listener that the Hidden Gems series was made for, so I couldn’t resist asking for a pick when the latest Belbury Poly album came ‘round this year. He’s landed on a key Canterbury prog classic from Caravan — the expansive The Land of Grey and Pink. Check out how this album came into his life and the impact it’s made.

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The Belbury Poly – The Gone Away

Its been a couple of years yet since The Belbury Poly released a standalone album and news that a new one is one the way for 2020 is well received around these parts. Jim Jupp, who runs Ghost Box alongside Julian House has been busy in the interim, with collaborative LPs finding their way out with The Advisory Circle’s Jon Brooks, Sharon Kraus, and Justin Hopper. Even with these sating a bit of the break, its exciting to hear Jupp’s hallucinogenic sci-fi storybook soundtracks taking root once again in the synthscape wonderland that he’s created for Belbury. This teaser isn’t a video proper for one of the songs, presumably mixing up a few, but the warped tone and unsettling delivery from director Sean Reynard and star Quentin Smirhes play well with the haunted nostalgia that Belbury lays down underneath. Pushing this one way up the anticipated list for 2020. New LP The Gone Away is out August 28th, and again its coupled with Julian House’s impeccable artwork that makes every piece in the label a collector’s dream.

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