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Dewey Mahood on Don Cherry – “Organic Music Society”

Dewey Mahood has long been a fixture on the site, popping up in longtime favorites Eternal Tapestry, Gärden Söund, Edibles, and on his own as Plankton Wat. Its with the latter that Mahood is now embarking on his latest LP for Thrill Jockey, and his sound is as cavernous and consuming as ever. As with most of his bands, Mahood is a cosmic traveler, utilizing the guitar as a divining rod for the inner thrum of the unconscious mind. Naturally that begs the question of what gems has he been letting linger in his personal collection, so I reached out to Dewey to see what favorite is haunting his shelves these days. Check out Dewey’s exploration of Don Cherry’s masterpiece Organic Music Society below.

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