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Dreamtime LP Reissues

Fans of Aussie psych can rest easier knowing that Dreamtime’s two LPs from 2011 and 2013 have found their way over to domestic shores via Captcha (US) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK). The labels are reissuing the band’s eponymous album and Sun, both of which were pressed in numbers that went quickly in their native Australia. The Brisbane band have made a name for themselves in the interim, opening for Bardo Pond, Moon Duo, Boris, Earth, King Gizzard and Earthless and hopefully this means that there might be some new music on the way shortly.

New music or no, for the stateside uninitiated this is a great chance to get acquainted with the band’s heavy, tribal pscyh. The two records show two sides of the band, their debut is built on a bed of scorched fuzz and amplifier vomit, with the bass throbbing in heatsick wobbles. They incorporate a bit of the high plains dust into their ourvre, but this one puts them squarely into the lexicon of psychedelic scorch. The follow-up is more subtle than its predecessor and more so than some of their chosen touring mates’ might lead you to believe. Sun’s brand of psych is heavy, but not crushing. They utilize mantra-like droning and dextrous guitars that explode when the fuse is lit. As a pair, the albums lift Dreamtime up as an essential South Hemi export.

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Bad Vision – “Goons”

Melbourne’s Bad Vision have taken their frenetic punk down a notch and added a bit of pop, a lot of jangle and a slight bit of twang to the mix. The pop concoction “Goons” from their forthcoming LP, Turn Out Your Sockets, comes in sounding rather close to RSTB fave and recent entry into our ‘Most Overlooked’ list, Thomas Function. In the same fashion as their American counterparts, the Aussies pin driving country-tinged jangles to explosive choruses full of tales of bored suburbanites and its endless fun to shout along to their declarations that they “don’t want no good advice.” The track’s got anthemic written into its seams and if the rest of their upcoming LP is half as fun as this opening salvo, then I’m certainly upright and paying attention.

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Gamma Knife”

Ah its almost unfair how much greatness is coming out of the South Hemi this week. Yesterday graces us with a cut from The Murlocs and today the next King Gizz is confirmed and already burning with the release of the “Gamma Knife” video. This is the long rumored release that the band was recording at Daptone while there were here last year and its taken that long to knock this one into the blistering shape hinted at on “Gamma Knife.” A year in the oven is a long time for a band on a three-record-a-year schedule, so hopes are pretty high for Nonagon Infinity to go ahead and flatten a few skulls.

The first cut doesn’t disappoint. It gets right back to the Gizz in fine form hitting, the octane gulping garage-prog that’s made them a household fixture this year. The video is much in the same light as “Trapdoor” from Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, a trip through the ren-faire rabbit hole, mixed with plenty of psychedelic overtones and effects. Doesn’t look like ATO has any more of their pre-orders up but, I’d say get in line for the Aussie pre-order now. Even with shipping this one’s gonna be worth it.

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Hockey Dad – “Can’t Have Them”

Hands down one of the most fun bands I saw at CMJ last year was Aussie duo Hockey Dad. The band have been clangin’ around their own Aussie scene, but with a album poised on Kanine shortly, they’re likely to make much more of a dent on US listeners in the months to come. Prior to the album, the single “Cant’ Have Them” seems to sum up their chilled brand janglin punk and the super saturated video to match is vibing pretty hard here. Honestly this is an album that I have high hopes on for the year and I’d say to keep all ears pointed at the Wollongong duo for some earworms that’ll nag you for the next six months.


Blank Realm

Blank Realm are a study in developing a sound. Its a damn good thing that chances were taken on the band’s scrawled psych musings because who would have ever believed that the band filtering noise through Not Not Fun and Siltbreeze would have emerged to lay Illegals In Heaven on us. The record is a far cry from those early days, channeling the hooks present on their run from Go Easy through Grassed Inn and polishing the hell out of them, even venturing into a studio this time with producer Lawrence English. The record that’s developed from this chain reaction is full of gnawing new wave hooks that possess the band’s near constant glow around the edges, chiming with a sound that’s rooted in the Aussie/NZ pop but feels like a true step forward. Blank Realm have typically had a looseness to their songs that seeps into the listener, melting away agitation and while they tap deep into that here, they’re also mixing those jangles with a whiff of neon and a punch of gnarled punk that sticks in the throat. Roundly, this is Blank Realm at their very best. It seems its all been leading here and if this is a first entry for you, then its a damn good place to start.


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Hierophants – “Nervous Tic”

Hierophants have shown up here before on a number of singles but good news from the pipe is they have an album coming out in September on Aarght / Goner. First taste is a nervy, anxious slice of sci-fi punk that’s augmented with an equally itchy video. The track picks up whiffs of Chrome and MX-80 then strains them through a more digestible brand of Aussie skronk that falls in line with their ties to Ausmuteants. Ears are perked for the the album for sure.

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