RSTB Radio WGXC: December

Getting the hang of this radio gig and hitting a good stride this month. Check out the tracklist below chock full of Japanese folk, brand new cuts (Dire Wolves, Bananagun, Joseph Allred, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding) and an uplifting shot of jangle n’ strum towards the end. You can listen and download the set over at WGXC.


Bananagun – Out Of Reach /// Chu Kosaka – Doronko Matsuri /// Erin Durant – Take A Load Off /// James Matthew VII – In A Restless World /// Grace Cummings – There Flies a Segull /// Siren – Get Right Church /// Dire Wolves – (Brother Lee) Womblife Blues /// Joseph Allred – Traveler /// Jon-Erik Axelsson – I Badet /// Zachary Hay – 8 /// Arbor Labor Union – Flowerhead /// Pedro Kastelijns – Olhos da Raposa /// Joe Ghatt – The Run /// Keiji Endo – Machi Sugita Boku Wa Totemo Tsukarete Shimatta /// Takechiyo – Dasshutsu Kumikyoku a) Fune > b) Ikada > c) Oozora /// Willie Lane – No Path Through The Forest /// Elkhorn – Electric One (Part B) /// Eric Osbourne – Long Way From Home /// East Village – Strawberry Window /// The Clouds – Get Out of My Dream /// Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Back In The Corner /// Salad Boys – This Issue /// The Springfields – She Swirls Around Me

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