RSTB Radio WGXC: November

Another show hits the airwaves this week in anticipation of the 13th Anniversary show on Friday. Check out tons of new music including a just introduced cut from BBadge Époque Ensemble, and new music from Veiver, Simon Joyner, Donovan Quinn and more. A few classics squeezed in as well from Ivory, Fifty Foot Hose, and Jim Sullivan as well. Full playlist is below. Remember to check back to WGXC ever second Tuesday of the month. Check out the tracklist below and listen/download the show HERE.


Moon Duo – Fever Night /// Badge Époque Ensemble – Zealous Child /// Wax Machine – Mind Palace /// Fifty Foot Hose – Rose /// Ivory – I, Of The Garden /// J.R. Bohannon – The Sorcerer’s Hand /// Owen Tromans – A Dialogue /// Itasca – Traveler /// Hurt Valley – Apartment Houses /// Half Stack – Goner /// Donovan Quinn – Satanic Summer Nights /// Vetiver – To Who Knows Where /// Bill Orcutt – Already Old /// Simon Joyner – Morning Sun, Slow Down /// Gabriel Birnbaum – Not Alone /// Jim Sullivan – Roll Back The Time /// Friends – Lonely Road /// The Kiwi Animal – Ever Word Is A Prayer /// Mikal Cronin – Caravan /// The Hussy – Sorry /// Woolen Men – Mexico City Blues /// Alex Macfarland – Event Y /// The Catenary Wires – Tie Me To The Rails /// McCarthy – Monetaries /// Failed Flowers – Faces /// Basic Plumbing – Constant Attention /// Ex-Void – Only One /// Uranium Club – Two Things at Once (Part 1) /// David Nance Group – Ham Sandwich /// Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Realization

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