RSTB Radio WGXC: April

Well, it was a weird one this month. Put the show together in advance in the house and got a chance to listen to it in real time right along with the rest of the world. Still, anxious instances in the isolation station aside, this one turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. Lots of great new songs crept into the mix along with some old faves that have been soothing the soul of late. Full tracklist is down below, plus you can listen and download over at WGXC.


The Fourmyula – Believe in Love /// Donovan – People Used To /// Mapache – Read Between The Lines /// Pacific Range – Need A Little Rain (feat. Bek Stanley) /// Wax Machine – Truth /// Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – Never Wrote A Love Song /// Psychic Ills – Never Learn Not To Love /// Sachet – Arncliffe Babylon /// Modern Nature – Flourish /// Lewsberg – Jacob’s Ladder /// Peel Dream Magazine – Emotional Devotion Center /// Dungen – A4 (live) /// RVG – Christian Neurosurgeon /// The Cowboys – Susie, Susie /// The Stroppies – Burning Bright /// Eiichi Ohtaki – びんぼう /// The Beach Boys – It’s About Time /// Woods – Strange To Explain /// Bert Jansch – Open Up The Watergate (alternate version) /// Help Yourself – Look At The View /// 2nd Grade – Velodrome /// Massage – Michael Is My Girlfriend /// The Tubs – Silver Moon /// Sneetches – I Think Its Alright /// The Hangmans Beautiful Daughters – Love Is Blue /// Primo! – Machine /// Superette – Touch Me /// Cable Ties – Hope /// Flat Worms – The Aughts /// Ty Segall – Gotta Get Up /// Gluebag – 21st Century Fox /// Banshee – The Atomic Flu /// Hoover III – Mercy

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