Loose Tooth – “You Say”

Getting genuinely excited for this Loose Tooth debut and I’m damn scuffed no one is talking about the record this side of the world. The band’s next single “You Say” is an even headier pop nug than the first taste of Keep Up. The cut is slightly brittle on the outside with a sinewy bass line knuckling its way through the track, but they open up for a soft gush of pop with those harmonies and a hook that’s all sunshine and swoon. They’re picking up goosebump punk from Cherry Red comps and 80’s indies and giving them new life for a generation ready for a little bounce in their post-punk discard pile. Can’t help feel some Kate Fagan or Holly & The Italians or The Flatbackers in this one, though it might just be that the band has gotten into the same bundle of twitchy pop rocks as those acts. Either way, its shaping ups to be a hell of an album.

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