Jack Rose – VHF Reissues

There are fewer catalogs that are in dire need of a proper reissue than the work of Jack Rose. The celebrated guitarists’ untimely death left a hole in modern folk that’s been difficult to fill, but compounding the loss has been the fact that his early records, Raag Manifestos, Opium Musick and Red Horse, White Mule, have languished out of print for years. Now VHF, in collaboration with Three Lobed and Jack’s estate have worked to get these three masterworks back on vinyl. The collection is out September 23rd and each is an essential piece of his rise to prominence. There are a lot of useless reissues that clutter up the landscape these days, adorned in chromatic colors and begging for your cash, but Rose’s work, presented here simply is the kind of release that slips out quietly and is swept away by those with the clarity to pick them up.

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