Ausmuteants – “Music Writers”

Ausmuteants know how to cut to the damn core. Not only do they insist on reminding us why Devo will always be the most badass assassins of the new wave revolution, but they do it while insulting the very cycle of press and regurgitation that prevails in this age of music journalism. Hell, I sympathize completely. Commentary and criticism have gone by the wayside in favor of quick wrist content and onesheet pilfering to ease the speed. You’re getting hard pressed to find an opinion on why songs are good, just a link and a puff of smoke from the label’s copy. But aside from the biting lyricism, “Music Writers” is stacked full of the sci-fi twinge of synth and caffeinated guitars that Ausmuteants have made their own over the last couple of years, and to be truthful, they’ve rarely done it as well as they have here. Its them at their most acerbic and their catchiest. Its the full package. So lap it up.

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